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Red Meat Even Worse than You Thought? (New Study Says “Yep!”)


The the NYRR Achilles run is fast approaching and I can only help but think about my own Achilles heal injury.  It’s a very painful injury I hope you never have to endure.  So don’t skip on the stretches.  So stretch it out and run well.


Today the Cool Runners decided to embark on a 5K in Prospect Park, hosted by the RR.  Despite the cold, the warmth of the holiday season kept us moving and we strolled across the finish line.  Congratulations Cool Runners, run on.


I have to say Mr. Weber knew what he was talking about.  Last week’s run was pretty good, we ran about 4 miles at a comfortable pace and everyone finished.  

Often time people overlook the simple fact that it’s the small choices in life that ultimately determine who you are and running I feel reminds us of this.  You have the choice to get out of bed or stay in bed, you have the choice to sprint out at the beginning or take it easy and let your mind and body prepare, you have the choice to finish or to quit.  Most people who start running find it difficult the first few times, your lungs hurt, your legs are burning and pains are occurring that never occurred before.  But those that continue through the pain, those that come to the realization that running is more than mere exercise, that it’s an evolving reflection of your life begin to enjoy the difficulties and actively seek them out in races and marathons.  Eventually I think we all understand that running that extra mile, forging on when quitting is an option makes you a stronger person and defines your character.   b


Every member of Cool Runners is making hugh strives in becoming a better runner.  Last weeks run was a bit growling because of the eat but each member completed it in strive.  Now were searching for that next charity run.


The recent runs have been pretty good for team cool. A couple of our runners even decided to take on the Spartacus race here in Brooklyn New York.  Our next run is going to be on the upper west side.  Hope you can join us.


Katie’s Run was a complete success.  All our memebers finished the run with no pain and we raised money for a great cause.  Who could ask for more?  Our next run will be August 29th,NYRR Henry Isola Cross Country Classic (4M).  In the meantime we’ll be training and running.


Last weeks run was a good run.  The pace was a bit better and the weather held up well.  This week were all planning for Katie’s run, so hopefully you can join us.


Come one come all, hopefully all.  Our next run will be June 27th in New Hyde Park, NY.  Katie’s Run which is a 5k Run/Walk.  The event will raise funds for awareness of the Ronald Macdonald House of Long Island and the family support services it provides.  If your interested in joining the team and helping support this great foundation email or visit the above link and give your support.


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